Boko Haram have torn my English Reader


Back in Primary School – in the late 1980’s – we had this wonderful, nationalistic English Reader (can’t remember the title now), where a family takes a holiday road trip across Nigeria, starting off somewhere in the South and touching the northernmost parts of Borno and Kano. Back then, most Schools studied English with the legendary Macmillan Reader starring Edet, Simbi and co. But I was fortunate to learn my punctuation, grammar and spelling while reading about the many adventures of this man and his wife (cosmopolitans a la Kwame Appiah), who put their two kids in the car and drove all the way to the ancient city walls of Kano so the kids could glimpse that pre-colonial engineering feat while making stops at Jebba, Lokoja and the thousand and one sites along the route. They made it all the way to Sokoto – the heat and the flies brilliantly described – and…

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2 thoughts on “Boko Haram have torn my English Reader

  1. the reader would be NOEC – New Oxford English Course. and the family: Mr & mrs Bako with their kids: Alade & Biola, if my memory isn’t failing me.

    it was a good introduction to Nigerian cities, landmarks &cultures and of course, its subject of teaching English language.

  2. @iamkingsu…. U are so right. Used it also in 2006 in my pry5. Had dat same feeling of thrill. Unfortunately, I think its now obsolete. Schools in my area dont use it any more. Tanx @ikenna for sharing dis #its so true.

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