Aunty Dora comes to UNN!

Prof. Dora Akunyili was in UNN to deliver the 39th Convocation lecture. Here is the story as it is told in conversation between friends.


In Memoriam: Obiora Okeke (1985-2010)

Obiora Okeke called me last week thursday. I was supposed to arrange reference letters for admission into the university of Salford (UK) from 2 lecturers at the department and I had actually been dragging my foot about. It wasn’t the first time since he had called and really on that thursday I did not have…

50 things a man Should and Should not do

Came across two nice articles from First Things‘ website this weekend on 50 things a man should be able to do and 50 things a man should never do. Some of the points, though  American oriented, are worth a good examination of conscience, and one can add a few more to a list which obviously…