Sincerely Green

CLIMATE CHANGE is one of the top drawer issues of our day; right up there with the global financial crisis. Governments compete on reducing emissions; individuals abridge their ‘carbon footprint’; companies – from car manufacturing to petroleum to tobacco – are all going green. Even a Green Bible, with ‘verses and passages that speak of God’s care for creation highlighted in green’ was recently published. Is the hype worth the depth; is it mere political correctness to talk green or are we really faced with a climate crisis?

At Gani’s Memorial

There has been no end to the Encomiums heaped on the late legal luminary Gani Fawhenmi (SAN). but the biggest news over the weekend was the supposedly wanted former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss, Nuhu Ribadu coming into the country for Gani’s memorial ceremony in Lagos and leaving afterwards; under the eyes of the police who are after him.