#BringBackOurGirls: STATEMENT from Concerned Nigerian Bloggers

bringbackourgirlsWe, the under signed Nigerian bloggers, view with grave concern the continued detention of the innocent school girls who were abducted from Chibok on April 15, 2014.

We are of the strong view that no amount of social grievance either against the government and or the people of Nigeria can justify such an act of violence against school children. We therefore condemn the abduction in very strong terms.

Nonetheless, we are appalled that despite the increasing global attention on the missing girls, there seems to be a relative local press silence on it.

In addition, we have also noticed gaps in the narrative on this incident both on the social media platforms and in the international press. It is understandable that given the strong emotions that this abduction have evoked, accurate and fact based narratives are difficult to come by on this sad incident of violence.

We wish to point out that the abduction and continued detention of these innocent school girls violate the provisions of a number of international conventions, optional protocols of convention and international legal instruments to which Nigeria is a signatory to and whose provisions bind all Nigerians.

We particularly call attention to those international conventions that enjoin parties in conflict to take special action to protect women and children in times of war and conflict and note that the abduction is an affront to their provisions and to every decent conduct.

We call on those detaining these girls to kindly release them. We appeal to you in the name of God and in the names of all you hold dear.

We deplore the violence and loss of lives that have preceded this ugly event and urge you in name of God who is a God of peace, reconciliation and forgiveness to embrace the path of dialogue as the only sure way of resolving the grievances that underlie this conflict. May the God of peace and compassion touch your hearts and make you harken to this appeal from your fellow citizens.

We also call on the government of Nigeria to do everything in its power, even if it includes involving an international security agency, to bring the girls back from the hands of those who currently hold them, and restore a sense of security to the country as soon as possible. Elections are coming up next year. Citizens want to be able to feel safe wherever they are. Democracy thrives best when citizens feel empowered to pursue their daily chores without fear or threat to their lives and property.

This statement is endorsed by the following:

Nwachukwu Egbunike: [@feathersprojectFeathers Project

Kola Tubosun: [@barokaKTravula.com

Olumide Abimbola: [@loomnie] NigeriansTalk

Noel Ihebuzor: [@naitwtVoice Vision and Views

Mark Amaza [@amasonic] – markamaza.com

Sylva Nze Ifedigbo [@nzesylva] www.nzesylva.wordpress.com

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