What Happened to Today’s Discourse

One of the distinctive marks of the ancient Greek civilization was its openness to reasoned discourse in the continuous search for truth symbolized by the Aeropagus: a place where ideas no matter how novel or esoteric could be entertained, analysed and critiqued; whether it be from Socrates or St. Paul. This openness to discourse remains…

In and Around the Rift #2: Folds in Ameka

You get to hear and see a lot about anticlines and synclines from textbooks and so on, one never really gets to see many real examples of folding around in the Abakaliki and Anambra basin areas. It is true that the pre Albian to Santonian sediments of the Abakaliki basin have been folded into an anticlinorium but that is on a large scale and…

At Gani’s Memorial

There has been no end to the Encomiums heaped on the late legal luminary Gani Fawhenmi (SAN). but the biggest news over the weekend was the supposedly wanted former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss, Nuhu Ribadu coming into the country for Gani’s memorial ceremony in Lagos and leaving afterwards; under the eyes of the police who are after him.

Why Geology?

This post is originally form the now defunct Nig-eosyncline as an entry to July’s Accretionary Wedge geoblogospheric Carnival.

My story is still unfolding but I think I’ve gone through enough in the geosiences (6 years already) to be able give a good but not complete narrative.