Hashtags: A Review

The Nigerian Social Media space is a large and still growing with 75% of Nigeria’s almost 75 million internet users active on one form of social media platform or the other. The Nigerian social media space has been a vibrant one for more than a decade with wide-ranging conversations by (mainly young) Nigerians from topics…

Change: A Year After

At 5pm on the 31st of March, 2015, when news filtered out of President Jonathan’s concession phone call, there were scenes of jubilation on the streets in many places, sighs of relief that it happened without bloodshed by many, and indifferent surprise or simple indifference in some places. Online (on Twitter) you had tears, jubilation,…


Nsukka 2nd April, 2011 12 noon: The long anticipated first Saturday of the 2011 election had arrived. The anticipation, palpable in the last few days had reached fever pitch from the bloggers to the social network users to the man on the street. Even though for various reasons (including chronic procrastination) I was not able…

UNFPA Goes Green

The UNFPA population report is out and the big news is that Africa’s population has passed the 1 billion mark, doubling in 27 years. Nigeria and Uganda are the main culprits with the highest growth rates. The UNFPA isn’t (and has never been) happy about this; so what do they do: they link growing population to climate change bringing to the fore another of the many hidden agendas being smuggled into Copenhagen under the guise of climate change.

Not yet Setttled at the EU

It was in the news a few days ago that the conditional agreement struck by the EU on how it will go about helping developing nations to fight climate change ended without a set figure on what it will pay. The poorer eastern European countries are not ready to commit to financing the 20-50 billion Euros the EU expects to star paying by 2020.

At Gani’s Memorial

There has been no end to the Encomiums heaped on the late legal luminary Gani Fawhenmi (SAN). but the biggest news over the weekend was the supposedly wanted former Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) boss, Nuhu Ribadu coming into the country for Gani’s memorial ceremony in Lagos and leaving afterwards; under the eyes of the police who are after him.