Bomb Scare on Campus


There was a long queue of cars at the main gate of the university yesterday morning. Now this isn’t normal as traffic jams are generally short and brief; but there it was stretching from the main gate to the Mobil filling station roundabout (if you’re from Nsukka you will know where  that is). Traffic jams like that usually have a serious cause; the visit of some important personage or major repairs to the road the gate or a broken down scar or… a bomb scare!

Yes, there was a bomb scare on campus, and that meant that men of the anti-bomb squad had to spend the whole day making sure that the passed their gizmos all around your car or body. I was told that students were even frisked before going into the library rather than the usual ‘show me you library card’. Does it have anything to do with tomorrow’s PDP primaries? That is supposed to be at Abuja so an attack will make more sense here. Or is another beginning of the session paranoia by our high protected VC (BTW it goes from annoying to quite amusing to see him surrounded by gun-toting security men all the time).

For most people, especially motorists, yesterday’s events were an annoyance and frankly nobody took it serious. The kind of statements one heard were of the skeptical kind: ‘Why would one want to plant a bomb in UNN?’ ‘So it is a first year student that will be walking around with a bomb in his laptop bag abi?’ ‘Ibos are too money conscious to go into suicide bombing?’

As of writing there hasn’t been reports of a bomb going off. Maybe the anti-bomb fellows did their job. Maybe we are just paranoid. Maybe we are carried away by the intense rivary that is making a party primary the most important issue for 150 million people. People down here are concentrating on getting on with the session and the semester which, it is rumoured, will end before the elections.

Ok there are a lot of things rumoured in this post but what can one do? That’s where almost everone gets information.




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