To Wanakande

I’ll be going to the field on thursday with a lecturer friend and his project students! The location is an area around the eastern corner of Benue state and the North-eastern Corner of Cross River state around the villages of Wanakande, Wankom, Bansara, Ikachie and Oju somewhat close to Ogoja and Abakaliki (almost 100km both ways) .

This area lies in the core of the Abakiliki anticlinorium where the Albian Asu River group sediments are highly deformed, intruded by hypervolcanic rocks and extrusives and metamorphosed. The target is one of the big intrusions: The Wanakande Syenite Massif. The plan is to do a detailed structural analysis following the work of Jean Benkhelil whose study of the area contributed to his thesis that the Benue trough is made up of pull-apart basins controled by strike slip movement along the Atlantic transform faults which extend into the trough, rather than an aulacogen.

Unlike the field locations I have work on this is really remote and therefore offers more adventure. An adventure that will be shared on this space.


2 thoughts on “To Wanakande

  1. Am interested in knowing the outcome of the field study and subsiquent analysis.goodluck in the field.

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