Talking Landslides from Japan

The Department of Geology UNN, in collaboration with the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL) Kyoto University, Japan organized a conference on ‘Landslides and other Natural hazards from the 22nd to the 25th of March.The conference is supposed to mark the beginning of a collaboration between the both Universities with the signing of a Memorandum of understanding. The special guests were supposed to be Prof Hiroshi Fukuoka and Prof. Kyoji Sassa from Kyoto university along with a number of their research colleagues from China. Unfortunately we had only Prof. Fukuoka from Japan as the others were not allowed to come by their countries on health (Prof. Sassa) and safety reasons (the fellows from china). It is good that such a  thing could happen at the department where it seemed like these kind of things belonged to the geologic past and kudos should be given to Dr. Ogbonna Igwe who just returned from the Kyoto University for inviting his colleagues to come over to Nigeria.

Prof. Hiroshi Fukuoka and Dr. Ogbonna Igwe (Right)

The conference was planned to be a sharing of ideas on Landslides and other natural hazards and some of the presentations did justice to that. Of note was the presentation of the studies on recent landslide events in Cameroon by Prof. Samuel Ayonghue of the University of Cameroon and of course Prof. Hiroshi’s presentation on landslide studies using a visible ring shear apparatus which many of us here were barely able to follow.There were also presentations  that strayed of the mark delving into salt tectonics and even plant biodiversity!

Prof. Fukuoka also gave a (very interesting) presentation on landslide monitoring using real-time kinematic GPS .


3 thoughts on “Talking Landslides from Japan

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  2. Kudos Dr Igwe, you set a landmark for future researchers like us who will follow your steps in making our world a better place to be. Thanks for your efforts on geological issues.

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