What’s up with the Warming?

© Wattsupwiththat.com

© Wattsupwiththat.com

It’s been a while since I blogged on Climate Change and a lot has sure happened since then. There has been Climategate, the commotion caused by the hacked E-mails from the CRU (Climatic Research Unit) of University of East Anglia. More recently there has been Glaciergate revelation that IPCC prediction of Himalayan glaciers melting by 2035 was an unfounded claim (300 years off) and there the most recent withdrawal of a study of projected sea level rises published in Nature Geosciences after finding mistakes that undermined its findings. There’s also the unprecedented snow in the northern hemisphere.

Then there is the question of loss of Scientific Credibility amongst the public which I had commented on in an earlier post. The science has not been properly done, the stakes were raised to high levels and the skeptics have not been listened to: this is the result. People are asking why these revelations are coming out after COP15 and it plans to dismantle economies and impose international bureaucratic governance. And they are going to the skeptics, who have been crying foul for a while now for answers.

The more recent revelations brought about a renewed interest in climate issues after the post-Copenhagen loss of interest (as is usual with any hype) and I have a lot of catching up to do. In the past few days I been going through the blogosphere on what people are saying about climate change especially on the skeptical or ‘Lukewarm’ side. Anyone delving into the dark alleys of Climate Skepticism of Lukewarmism would have run into Watt’s up With That?, a blog started and run by weatherman Anthony Watts. WUWT is the 2nd most popular science blog with 2 million unique visitors and counting. They were also one of the first to receive the hacked email that sparked off climate gate. There also Climate Audit run by Steve McIntyre and focusing  auditing topics related to the paleoclimate reconstructions over the past millennia (the Hockey Stick). Climate Audit is a response to criticism of Steve’s   ‘hockey stick’  reservations on the popular pro AGW blog Real Climate where he was blocked form posting comments. There are many others on both sides and which can be accessed by looking at the blogroll of the above blogs.

There will be more on this topic in coming posts.


One thought on “What’s up with the Warming?

  1. The first clue of climate fraud I discovered was when I read statements such as “This is important for social justice”.

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