In and Around the Rift:Crossbedded sands

The images from this first series of in and around the rift is from a visit to the field with a final year student a month ago (mercenary work) to Mmaku-Ugweme areas of Abia and Enugu states. The area is dominated by the Maastrichian  friable crossbedded sands of the Ajali Formation.

The first set of images are from an exposure on the banks of the Mamu River

Crossbedded Sands on the Mamu River

Crossbedded sands

Close-up Planar crossbeds at the Mamu River

Turn around a little and planar crossbeds become trough (Not folds!)

The Mamu river was very tempting on that hot afternoon in November I considered taking a dip…but decided against it.

At least it was a Muslim holiday


2 thoughts on “In and Around the Rift:Crossbedded sands

  1. i am a 300 level geology student,pls i nid ur help on an asignment to write on d general geology,stratigraphy n hydrocarbon potential of d abakaliki basin…i undastand dat its a sub basin of d benue trough i.e lower benue trough but dnt av much idea,pls i nid u hep..reply pls

    • If you can get your hands on Kogbe’s Geology of Nigeria There are chapters on the Stratigraphy, Structure etc of the Benue Trough including the Abakaliki Basin.

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