Feild Rift: Tagging Along

Got another chance to go the field again on Friday last week with the final year students. you wouldn’t really classify it as a field trip, it was just for a day and the students where going just for ‘extra field experience’ sake as they would be taking their final exams in January.

The field location was and is important to me. The Ugwunwanne ridges, 2 sandstone ridges on the border of Enugu and Abia states (close to the Port Harcourt expressway), formed the core of my B.Sc. thesis. I am also considering following up this largely inaccurate B.Sc. work ( I interpreted misinterpreted it as a Delta deposit rather than Braided fluvial) in my coming M.Sc, where I hope to do a structural analysis on the outcrops which apart from being extensive also show a lot of deformational structures (dip amount up to 70, faults etc) an which have a potential of unraveling the geological history of the southern Benue trough where outcrops of this extent are very rare.I had planned to go alone to reconnoiter the area and it was in speaking with a lecturer friend at the department that it was suggested that I tag along with the final years who would be going to the same place.

Returning to ‘my outcrop’ after two years was a thrill. One of the 2 ridges (closest to the road) is being quarried by construction companies for sand therefore opening fresh outcrops which were rare there. Even though it wasn’t mercenary work I had to help to do a lot of explaining to the final years about what they were seeing. There was also the problem of unknowingly carrying a bad camera that could not focus and whose 1GB memory card got full after only for shots! So no pictures of this one sadly.

*hiss* See me see wahala!

At the end it was an hour or so and we had to be on the move to another location where the carbonaceous black shales of the Turonian Eze-aku formation (to which I think the Ugwunwanne ridges belong) outcrops. Getting out was almost a problem as the road going out was being consumed by bush fires set I suspect by a villager we met on getting there!


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