Not yet Setttled at the EU

Ikenna O.
It was in the news a few days ago that the conditional agreement struck by the EU on how it will go about helping developing nations to fight climate change ended without a set figure on what it will pay. The poorer eastern European countries are not ready to commit to financing the 20-50 billion Euros the EU expects to star paying by 2020.

I posted earlier the EU seemed eager to push an agreement on the climate. Watching polish minister for European affairs Mikolaj Dowgielewicz on Euronews yesterday I realized how wrong I was about that. Dowgielewicz made clear that Poland is not like the likes of Germany and others and is interest in economic development. In his words:

’‘Believe me that in a country like Poland, like mine, we have very limited scope for emission reductions after 2020 because we expect high economic growth. We don’t want to become a museum of folklore of Eastern Europe. I would really welcome more effort from rich western European countries to reduce emissions themselves.’‘

The EU expects that climate change will require 100 billion Euros a year mainly as aid to poorer nations for mitigation and adaptation. I think that money will not do Africa any good. If for example hat money is sent to Nigeria it will end up in peoples pockets. Does Nigeria have any plan for mitigating or adapting to climate change? Yar’ Adua’s seven point agenda is based on expected income from crude oil (which we expect to increase). Would it not go along way if the government fixes the power sector and people stop being dependent on generators? We don’t have a plan, and if we are given money without a plan at least then it will be lost to corruption; it will be the same old story all over again.


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