The L'Aquila Quake and a Lucky Country

I’ve been following, like everyone else, the sad events following the magnitude 6.3 earthquake that has already killed more than 200 people in Italy. I feel for those affected by another instance of natures power of man.

In discussions about quake with friends conversation usually comes to what would happen if Nigeria was as earthquake prone as say Indonesia, Algeria, Iran or Japan. The conclusion is that we are a very lucky country. the worst I’ve heard (but not witnessed) is the tremors in Ibadan in the 80’s. Looking at buildings in Ibadan for instance it scares me to imagine what a 5.0 magnitude earthquake would do. The same can be said for almost all the major towns in Nigeria. In Lagos there are  stories of building collapsing on their own almost every week with the number of people flocking  to the city, and house owners  looking for how to save money, or the building contractors looking for ways to get more profit by shortchanging their clients in terms of quality of work.

If more than 200 people  are dead and  thousands made homeless as a result of a 6.3 magnitude quake in a country known (at least here) for the quality of their buildings, then I can only say that we are very lucky here- tectonically.


2 thoughts on “The L'Aquila Quake and a Lucky Country

  1. In effect the problem in the italian case, was the fact that none respected the aseismic laws in constructing new’s very very sad, ‘cos I have some friends there, too.

  2. The L’Aquila quake is really a sad experience.
    However, i’d say a bit of disorder may indeed help to put some order in the way things are done in Nigeria. The point is that, maybe if Nigeria experienced some of such natural disasters, it may help for better town planning, genuine construction works and the likes.

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