In and Around the Rift #2: Folds in Ameka

You get to hear and see a lot about anticlines and synclines from textbooks and so on, one never really gets to see many real examples of folding around in the Abakaliki and Anambra basin areas. It is true that the pre Albian to Santonian sediments of the Abakaliki basin have been folded into an anticlinorium but that is on a large scale and all one normally sees are dipping beds. Coming across smaller scale folds on my way to Wanakande last week in a river bed at Ameka, Oju L.G.A. Benue state then was an experience worth sharing. The  area is part of the metamorphosed core of the anticlinorium dominated by the ‘rugged’ Workum hills. 

Metamorphosed Albian Asu River Group shales folded into an anticline at a river in Ameka, Benue State